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Bring the heart of Christmas to your church

Engage your church to make a difference in the lives of people suffering in poverty this Christmas. Share Christ’s love with others through tangible, practical gifts from World Concern’s Global Gift Guide.

The Global Gift Guide is a way to honor loved ones while giving gifts to the desperately poor. It could be a goat, a water well, even an education.

We'd love to send you a Global Gift Guide kit for free. It includes as many Global Gift Guides as you like, as well as information about World Concern and a short DVD you can show your church. Email us for a free kit.

Additional Resources

We make it easy for you to bring the Global Gift Guide to your church by providing everything you need:

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Change a life this Christmas through World Concern’s Global Gift Guide
Give a life-transforming gift that means hope for a child or family living in extreme poverty. Your gift also brings joy to loved ones whose own concerns for the poor are honored by gifts in their names. Pick up a copy of World Concern’s Global Gift Guide in the lobby or visit today.

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