FAQs about the Global Gift Guide

Here are some answers to some of the commonly asked questions about the Global Gift Guide and World Concern. If you still have a question, feel free to drop us a line.

What does World Concern do?
World Concern is a Christian non-profit organization whose purpose is to demonstrate the love of Christ in word and deed by relieving human suffering through disaster response and development programs. World Concern provides opportunities to the poor that focus on meeting basic needs and bringing sustainable livelihoods and family stability. Since 1955, World Concern has supported the vulnerable, working in remote and difficult areas. We serve through a worldwide staff of professionals who are committed to forging partnerships with people and communities, as well as local governments, churches, like-minded agencies and donors. Learn more about us.
What is World Concern's Christian commitment?
All that World Concern does comes out of our love for Christ and desire to serve Him. Our Christian outreach includes work with pastors and church members, empowering them to serve their communities. We also include biblical values in our small-business training. When we are not providing education or services, we pray and study with those who are willing. However, some countries where we work are religiously restricted. In those instances, we seek to love people and set an example.
Where does World Concern work?
World Concern provides support in 17 countries. Our work varies by country, depending on need. We work in Haiti, Southeast Asia and Africa. Some countries where we provide significant services include Bangladesh, Myanmar, Kenya and Haiti.
How do I know World Concern uses my money wisely?
Through its parent organization, CRISTA, World Concern is ranked as a Four Star Charity by Charity Navigator. In addition, we are held accountable through internal audits, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), as well as through the US Government. We always strive to keep our costs low so more people can be helped.
What is the Global Gift Guide?
The Global Gift Guide is a way to honor a loved one by providing a useful item or service to someone in need. Our focus is to form meaningful relationships with the poor. When you buy a goat, we extend your gift to someone we're working with who needs it. The Global Gift Guide offers more than 40 gifts, has been available for more than 10 years, and is a popular way to show you care. In the event that an item's popularity is greater than people's need for it, we extend a portion of the overall funds for that item to a similar project that will benefit more people. 
Where are items in the Global Gift Guide purchased?
In almost all circumstances, we purchase items within the countries or communities where we serve. This helps the local economy and maximizes the value of your donation.
Are my gifts tax-deductible?
Yes, all gifts are tax-deductible, and we will send you a receipt via email. You may also request a physical paper receipt by calling or emailing us.
Can I buy gifts in Canadian Dollars?
Yes. We have set up a separate area on our site for this where everything you see is in Canadian Dollars. Purchase gifts in Canadian Dollars.
What is included in the price of a gift?
If any education, instruction or transport is needed, it is included in the price of the gift. In many instances, we offer gifts with companion items. If you choose to buy ducks, you can also buy a coop, feed and vaccinations.
What are the most popular gifts?
Goats. People can't get enough of them. Buying an education for a child has been a popular purchase, too. People also like to save up some money to dig a well. And we agree that a well goes a long way in improving health and comfort in a poor community.