Child Protection

The life of a child is priceless. Protect children from becoming victims of exploitation and abuse.

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Job Skills Training for Four Children

Job Skills for Life

Price: $125

For young people old enough to work and contribute to the family income, your gift teaches them life-changing skills like sewing, cooking, and even motorbike repair. They can find good work with these skills and be safe from exploitation.

Support an Orphan for Three Months

Support an Orphan

Price: $245

Your gift shows Christ's love to a orphaned child. You'll be meeting practical needs in the child's life and financially supporting them as grow, making sure they have food, education, clean water, and all they need to thrive.

Street Children Outreach

Comfort Care Kit

Price: $21

This gift is like a big hug to a child that's been rescued from trafficking and abuse. Your S.O.S. (Seek Out and Stop) Care Kit includes a pillow, fresh bedsheets, toiletries, new pajamas, and much more and says "I Love You" to a child that needs it.

Awareness Training for One Child Your Gift Multiplies 3x!

Protect a Child from Trafficking

Price: $40

Your gift provides age-appropriate awareness training for a child, teaching them how to be aware of a trafficker's lies and how to avoid danger. Because of special matching grants, your gift reaches 3x as many children!