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We have 9 brand new life-changing gifts for this years Global Gift Guide!
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Buisness Start Up Kit

Business Start Up Kit

Price: $576.00

Give a leg up to a young entrepreneur with a complete business start up kit that includes a loan and equipment like a sewing-machine or tools to get started. With their idea and your gift, the sky is the limit! Because of special matching grants, your gift supports 3x as many people!

School Uniform

Dressed For Success

Price: $18.00

A must for any new student, a clean school uniform will make a child in poverty feel valued and special. Your gift gives them a freshly pressed, new uniform to wear proudly as they study and chase their dreams.

Emergency Food 8 Months

Emergency Nutrition for a Baby

Price: $32.00

This gift will save a child’s life. You’ll provide a 3-month supply of ready-to-use nutrition packets. Each daily packet is filled with high powered nutrients, and enough vitamins to nurse a malnourished child back to health. Because of special matching grants, your gift nourishes 4x as many children!

blackboard for a classroom

Furnish a Classroom

Price: $920.00

You can deck out a school classroom with new desks, chairs, chalkboard and chalk. This gift makes sure kids in poverty are studying with the resources needed to benefit their learning!

Emergency Food 8 Months

Rehydrate a Sick Child

Price: $22.00

A severely dehydrated child needs a special mixture of salts and minerals to help restore them to health. A carton of this special powder will heal 100 starving children and give their tiny bodies immediate strength to make a full recovery.

Spread the Good News

Solar Audio Bible

Price: $28.00

A solar-powered audio Bible can be played anywhere, recharged in the sunshine, and is playable in many different languages. Even those who cannot read can hear God’s Word. People are coming to Christ with this technology so this is your chance to spread the Gospel even further!


A Wheel Of A Deal

Price: $90.00

It will be her ticket to ride when you give a child her own set of wheels. Your gift is fun and practical because a child won’t have to walk long distances to school. Thanks to you she'll be safer, and more likely to stay in school!

Street Children Outreach

Care Package For A Rescued Child

Price: $21.00

This gift is like a big hug to a child that’s been rescued from trafficking and abuse. Your package includes a pillow, fresh bedsheets, toiletries, new pajamas, and much more. You'll say “I Love You” to a child who needs it.

Street Children Outreach

Install An S.O.S. Hotline

Price: $1,143.00

You’ll be a life-saver for families in Southeast Asia’s trafficking hot zones when your gift installs an S.O.S. Hotline. This fully-staffed 24/7 phone line takes ‘stranger-danger’ to a whole new level, allowing the community to report cases of abuse and exploitation so that children can be kept safe and out of harm’s way.