Malaria Medicine Your Gift Multiplies 3x!

In places like Laos the mosquitoes carry malaria, which is life-threatening for a child who lives in a poor village without a doctor. When a little girl or boy is bitten by a mosquito, malaria often follows, and no treatment is available in remote villages. The only way to treat malaria is with medicine, however families do not have access to medical care or hospitals.

The medicine World Concern will deliver to a sick child rids her body of this deadly disease.

First, a trained health worker will perform a blood test that alerts them to the presence of malaria in a child. Then, your gift will ensure the child receives medicine immediately.

You have the chance to save someone’s life with your gift of malaria medicine today.

Malaria Medicine

Price: $10

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Your gift will save the life of a person with malaria. You will provide life-saving malaria medicine to someone who has contracted this deadly, but treatable disease. Because of special matching grants, your gift protects 3x as many people!

Where your gift helps:

South Sudan

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