Your gift provides protection from sickness and brings health.

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Mosquito Nets for Three Families Your Gift Multiplies 3x!

Bed Nets

Price: $36

Sleeping under a mosquito net is the best way to prevent malaria. Your gift will provide three families with a long-lasting insecticide treated net, and because of special matching grants, your gift protects 3x as many people!

Malaria Medication Your Gift Multiplies 3x!

Malaria Medicine

Price: $10

Your gift will save the life of a person with malaria. You will provide life-saving malaria medicine to someone who has contracted this deadly, but treatable disease. Because of special matching grants, your gift protects 3x as many people!

Cure 100 Children with the 44-Cent Cure Kid Approved!

Cure 100 Children from Parasites

Price: $44

For less than the cost of a postage stamp per child, you'll provide 100 children with tablets that bring immediate relief from painful parasites, and the effects last for an entire year! Without this medicine, worms will cause a child pain, sickness, and even stunted growth. Your gift is the cure!

44-Cent Cure for 1200 Kids Kid Approved!

Cure 1,200 Children from Parasites

Price: $528

Your gift cures hundreds of children from nasty intestinal worms. Thanks to you, they will be pain free and be able to return to school, play with friends, and not be plagued by parasites any more.

Latrine Your Gift Multiplies 2x!

Build a Latrine

Price: $78

One of the greatest risks to the health of poor families is the lack of sanitation. Latrines are a low-cost way to fight the spread of disease and keep moms, dads, and little ones healthy. Plus your gift teaches a family the importance of hand-washing and good hygiene! Because of special matching grants, your gift helps 2x as many people!