The Gift of God's Word Kid Approved!

At a small church in Kenya, Peter preaches to a congregation where many people cannot read or write.

Because they cannot read or study the Bible, it is very hard for Peter to help his church members understand God’s message of love and salvation.

After receiving an audio Bible, however, Peter can now play a recording of the Bible so everyone in his congregation can listen to and reflect on the Scriptures.

“The audio Bible is one of the best things that has ever happened to my congregation,” praised Peter.

And from hearing the Word of God in their own language, many more in Peter’s church have come to know God’s love and grow in their faith.

You can provide an audio Bible to a church like Peter’s, allowing people to hear and understand God’s Word in their own language.

The Gift of God's Word

Price: $28

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You can truly change a life with this gift. You can give a solar powered audio Bible that can be recharged in the sunshine and played in a person's own language - even if they can't read. You will be sharing the Good News in the poorest places.

Where your gift helps:

Kenya, South Sudan