Emergency Nutrition Your Gift Multiplies 2x!

In places like Somalia, malnutrition is a leading cause of death among children. As children’s bodies are trying to grow and develop, they need not only food, but proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to survive.

Emergency nutrition packets can reverse the negative effects of malnutrition and save a child’s life. A product that looks like peanut paste, these packets are full of all the important nutrients a child needs for proper development. These emergency nutrition packets are simple to use – just one packet per day can restore a starving child to health.

You have the chance to save a child’s life with your gift of emergency nutrition packets today.

Emergency Nutrition

Price: $32

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A daily dose of this gift will save a child's life. You'll provide a 3- month supply of ready-to-use nutrition packets that are filled with good fats, nutrients, and enough vitamins to nurse a malnourished child back to health. Because of special matching grants, your gift nourishes 2x as many children!

Where your gift helps:

Myanmar, Somalia