Child Protection

The life of a child is priceless. Your gift will protect children from becoming victims of exploitation and abuse.
Child Protection
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Street Children Outreach

Shelter for Trafficked Girls

Price: $50.00

Extreme poverty can leave a defenseless child at the mercy of predators. Your gift will place a child rescued out of trafficking into a safe house where trained caregivers will lovingly provide shelter, food, job training, and spiritual counseling needed for her to heal.

Support an Orphan for Three Months

Support an Orphan for Three Months

Price: $245.00

Your gift will provide three months of financial support for a precious orphan. With your gift, she will be cared for by a loving adult, instead of alone and vulnerable. Your gift says, “You are not alone.”

Awareness Training for One Child

Awareness Training for a Child

Price: $40.00

The life of a child is priceless. You can protect young ones from becoming victims of trafficking and abuse by teaching them vital skills to stay safe.

Job Skills Training for Four Children

Job Skills for Four Children

Price: $500.00

For at risk youth who are old enough to work, you'll provide job skills such as cooking, sewing, and motorbike repair, so they can earn income safely. With these new skills, they'll have the ability to say "No!" to deceptive offers.