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Naikarra Village, Kenya

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A bumpy dirt road leads from Nairobi, Kenya, to the remote village of Naikarra. Most of the residents in this Maasai region live on less than $1 a day. As pastoralists, they are familiar with the loss of livestock – their only source of income – to starvation from drought.

The children of Olkinyei survive on a bland, nutrient-deprived diet of corn and milk. Just one-third of the village is literate, and only children who are old enough to walk to school make the trek each day.

For generations, little has changed in Naikarra. Parents hope for a better future for their children, but they lack the resources and knowledge to make it happen. They’re stuck in a cycle of need. Together, we’ll help bring financial stability and sustainable income through business loans and village banking.

This project covers renovation of a building, purchasing a safe, staff training and community mobilization.

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